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Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun

Aha!  I timed it right.  The veggie garden was planted just in time to take advantage of this brief Spring storm.  Carrots, beets, lettuce, celery, chard, tomatoes & nasturtiums all in and soaking up the free liquid nitrogen.  This time around, I’m not complaining about the rain.

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Life in Bloom

The farm is blooming!

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Up With the Chickens

I feel like the neighbor’s rooster this morning… up before the sunrise.  It’s going to be a busy day on the farm today.

April 15th is a thing of the past and now I can focus on Springtime tasks.  Like using my brand new self-propelled power mower!  Of course I had to call my trusty farmhand, Ken, to give me a lesson in how to use the thing.

It amazes me that I can become so intimidated by equipment I’ve never used before.  Take the well for example:  I look at the filtration system and come completely unglued!  Panic sets in, I begin to sweat and start wondering about the remedies for E. coli.  Me… someone who installs computer systems, sets up wireless networks, installs drip systems… worrying about which lever to turn first.  And then the feeling of being foolish sets in once I see how simple things are to operate.  Push this button, open this valve, close this lever… uh huh, OK, sure.

Now I’m waiting for the politically-correct time of day when I can fire up the mower, plug in the weedeater, and go to town on the grasses that never seem to stop growing.  Can’ t wait for the day when the sheep arrive!

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Working Hard for the Money

Has it really been three weeks since I posted here?  Wonder if it has anything to do with the upcoming April 15th deadline?  Working for pay and working for fun are two completely different things… and one provides the other with the opportunity.

Most of what’s happened in these past few weeks has been inside the farmhouse, and the weather has been cooperating with these indoor projects.  Get ’em done before the real Springtime arrives!  However, in an impulsive moment this week when I no longer could stand paperwork, I donned my Muck Boots, put on my “mom jeans,” threw on a bandana, armed myself with the broom-from-hell and swept out the barn.  Not just the floor, mind you, but the walls, the ceiling, and all of the crevices.  Abandoned wasp nests and cobwebs are now part of the mulch pile… the bird nests won a reprieve.

SO, today is Day One on the prep work for the upcoming animal entourage.  A couple of friends have accepted the challenge to help me fence in the henyard and build the nesting boxes.   And away we go…

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