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New Life Abounds

In spite of the season’s late rains, I hear tiny peeps coming from the birdhouses scattered across the farm.  Right outside my kitchen window, one of the houses is occupied by a family of house wrens.  Each time I walk through the gate on which the house is mounted, the fledglings begin to peep.

Lower on the orchard fence, a family of western bluebirds has taken residence.  It’s most fascinating to observe the rituals that the male and female take with the feeding of their young.  One stands on the top of the house fluffing its feathers as its tail bounces up and down while the other is out searching for food.  I can only guess that this is an attempt at scaring off any other birds that might be interested in entering the house while the mate is away.  I listen as they call to one another… a signature of sorts because they continue this until the food-seeker has returned to the nest.

Once these rains finally end, I hope to witness the first flights.  Today I noticed that a long stem is now protruding from the wren house.  A perch perhaps for a launching lesson?

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Where Does the Time Go?

What a month it’s been!  Self-created deadlines depleted my ability to create words with meaning.  My perfectionist tendencies kept me from writing for the sake of writing in order to fulfill my promise to chronicle this first year.  But the deadlines have come and gone and now time has become fluid again.

Three months have been spent getting my house in order… literally and figuratively.  Doors became windows, ceiling fans replaced outdated light fixtures, wallpaper was stripped and rooms became brighter, the office took on a new glow, and oh how the garden did grow!  Plants turned lush overnight… a waterfall of wisteria cascaded over the fig tree, fragrant lilacs replaced the vacant branches outside my kitchen window, grape vines, Virginia creeper, honeysuckle and jasmine sent out their exploring tendrils… this land became so much more than a farm.  And I became its grateful steward.

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