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It’s been a spectacular Autumn here… colors everywhere!  The leaves on the mulberry tree turned the most magnificent shade of lemon yellow, and the grapevines went from green to yellow to rust before releasing themselves from the canes.  In spite of the heavy rains in the past two weeks, the fruit trees have been reluctant to give up their foliage and continue to provide a glowing chartreuse to the landscape.  Color continues to brighten the view even as the season comes to an end.

While the color may be the upside of Autumn, the downside definitely is the maintenance.  Branches and leaves to be raked and burned, veggies to be tarped to protect them from frost, insulating the chicken coop to protect them from the cold nights, shoring up the banks of the creek to divert the overflow from the rains away from the barn, hauling alfalfa in the back of my car for the chickens (yes, I know I need a truck)… it’s quite the little job.  Five years from now, this season may get old but for now it’s still a pleasure.  And please, don’t remind me that I said the same thing about snow shoveling 15 years ago!

As we move closer to the dark days of Winter, I am reminded that I have been here almost a year.  How very different my life was last December… waiting for the moment when this chapter of my life would begin.  And, as the farm prepares itself for this cold season, the joy of Christmas has descended upon me.

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