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And there, in the early morning mist, the modest moon bade farewell to her celestial companions not realizing the magnificence of her performance.  Who better than she to usher in the Season of Darkness?

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A Solemn Entry into Winter

We walk into the Season of Darkness with the glorious glow of an eclipse… a lovely lunar lantern surrounded by a ring of shimmering stars.  Welcome Winter… you may enter at will.

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Where’s Wattle?

What, you say?  Wattle?  You know those long worm-like rolls that CalTrans places along the bottom of freshly graded hillsides?  Well, that’s wattle and I need some desperately!

The downpours of the past few days have transformed my pasture into a pond.  The creek is overflowing with the most wonderful sound of rushing water and croaking frogs but the chickens can’t quite maneuver in the soggy mess.  The grapevines along the pasture fence may not need irrigation for an entire year if this continues as it has been.

Water has a way of allowing itself into places without waiting for an invitation.  Unfortunately, the creek is right behind the barn so need I say more?  The barn floor tells the story.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to locate some of the elusive wattle tomorrow and see what I can do about providing the creek with some new direction.   Like most of us from time to time, the creek appears to have lost its way.

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