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It’s the Buzz

April is truly the most wonderful month of the year here in the Foothills! Wildflowers everywhere, calves and colts running through the fields, life renewed.

Today I must have pulled every weed in the garden just to listen to the buzz of my bees as they discovered the lavender in the warm midday sun.  I sometimes think about all the years I was so frightened of these creatures and now I stand in awe as I watch them work and work as they have done for centuries. There is order to the colony and I feel blessed that I have been given the land and the opportunity to assist them with their plight.

For more insight into the world of beekeeping, be sure to watch Vanishing of the Bees. You, too, will be amazed.

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To bee or not to bee

Yes, that is the question.  And it was answered today when I drove home with a hive in the trunk of my rental car.  (My car is at the body shop but that’s an entirely different story.)  My friend and business associate, Lorinda, asked me to tend a couple of hives last Autumn and I realized that I was hooked.  Waiting until the right moment to have a colony of my own required a great deal of patience but today it came to pass.

Because it was early evening when they were transported from one box to another, tomorrow morning is their day to take an orientation flight.  Most of the bees will leave the hive, explore the surrounding area and report back to the queen who will remain in the hive with her attendants.  Hopefully, they will be happy with what they see.

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