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OK, so here’s the deal.  I’ve got a small pasture and a whole lot of greenery both in and out of the fenced area and I need something other than a lawnmower to manage the growth.  I went to the Department of Agriculture’s website to see what they had to say about grazing farm animals and here were their selections:  Bison, Emus, Ostriches, Rheas, Llamas, Alpacas, Rabbits, Sheep and Goats.   For starters, let me say this about that… bison are definitely not what I had in mind!  And I’ve never heard of a rhea but I’m guessing that it’s in the family of two-legged, feathered birds like an emu or an ostrich.  Something about them sounds appealing… but then so does a llama.  Sheep and goats are rather commonplace and rabbits are tops on the list of the epicurean coyote.

So I’m off to do some research.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and discover that those four-legged predators don’t really like getting a mouthful of feathers!

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