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I have no excuses or explanations. Let’s just say that my creative writing was derailed about a year ago and leave it at that. But what’s most important is that I’m sitting here now typing as if no time had passed.

Life here in the past year has been filled with lots of ups and a sprinkling of downs. Some new additions include six additional hens, a miniature Tennessee Fainting Goat named Priscilla, a white fuzzy Pygmy Goat named Lisa Marie, two (sometimes three) barn cats simply called One, Two & Three, and a son-in-law named Mike!

This year, I began the day with a cup off coffee, a warm blanket, a writing tablet, my favorite pen and a seat in the barn surrounded by a number of curious animals. Yesterday, one of my new friends, Lorinda, posted this on Facebook: “Until you commit your goals to paper, you have intentions that are seeds without soil” and I was definitely inspired. So I set about doing just that.

I was actually pretty pleased with my progress until Mrs. White decided that she’d like a closer look at what I was doing and jumped up on my lap. (You may recall that my initial flock were all named with the help of my grandson.) She felt satisfied that there wasn’t anything of interest and walked across the blanket to the other side. Shortly thereafter, Little Red decided that she needed to take a peek and took a stroll up my leg to inspect the progress. “Nothing much going on,” she clucked and retraced her steps back down to the ground.

Now I was getting close to having what I would call a rough draft (don’t goals always need more definition?) when my blanket was suddenly engaged in a tug-of-war. Lisa Marie vs Millie! It became clear to me that my presence there in the midst of their barnyard routines had become enough of a distraction that it was time to move my chair onto the porch.

I cherish days like these; they don’t occur as often as I’d like. But to start this new year as I did was enough for now. And did I mention that resuming this blog was on my list of goals?

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OK, so here’s the deal.  I’ve got a small pasture and a whole lot of greenery both in and out of the fenced area and I need something other than a lawnmower to manage the growth.  I went to the Department of Agriculture’s website to see what they had to say about grazing farm animals and here were their selections:  Bison, Emus, Ostriches, Rheas, Llamas, Alpacas, Rabbits, Sheep and Goats.   For starters, let me say this about that… bison are definitely not what I had in mind!  And I’ve never heard of a rhea but I’m guessing that it’s in the family of two-legged, feathered birds like an emu or an ostrich.  Something about them sounds appealing… but then so does a llama.  Sheep and goats are rather commonplace and rabbits are tops on the list of the epicurean coyote.

So I’m off to do some research.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and discover that those four-legged predators don’t really like getting a mouthful of feathers!

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