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Ten Ten Ten

What I’ll remember about this day:

  • I harvested my first batch of wine grapes that have been growing along the pasture fence.  Unfortunately, I only managed to get the equivalent of a gallon of wine so it looks like grape jelly is next on the canning list.  No one (including the former property owner) seems to know the varietal so I’m hoping the owner of the local winery might be able to identify them.
  • 75 daffodil and narcissus bulbs went into the ground.  Gophers beware!
  • The fishpond got an Autumn cleaning only to discover that the pump was burned out (or so I thought).  Off I went to the hardware store to get a new pump… got back & learned that the tubing was too small so it was back to the hardware store for an adapter.  After much anticipation, I plugged in the new pump and waited for the sound of running water… and waited and waited.  Nothing!  What I learned next was about the most shocking discovery of the day:  the electrical cord from the old pump was connected to an extension cord via a 3-prong adapter that was buried underground.  Just laying in about two inches in dirt under a wet piece of wood!  Isn’t there a law??


Uvas Misterioso


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Fragrance surrounds me these days as I step through my garden.  Waterfalls of honeysuckle and jasmine cascade over the fences; the act of opening a gate creates an aroma that is beyond compare.  Clusters of drying oregano hang outside the back door; the essence of lemon balm releases itself as my clothing rubs against the leaves.  The lavender below the front porch fills the warm afternoons with sound and smell as the honey bees stop along their journey to partake in the calm, soothing flowers.

As I write this, the night blooming jasmine drifts through the open windows of my kitchen and, once again, my decision to be here is reaffirmed.

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The lovely lilting lavender garden is finally taking shape.  All of the dolomite (translation: white rock) arrived yesterday in a big dump truck and is now sitting on the edge of my driveway.  The soil has been leveled, the brick edging is in plate, the weed cloth is on the ground and the plants are itching to get out of their pots.  Tomorrow may be the day they hit the ground running; mine will be late bloomers… the norm for Millie’s Farm, it seems.

And then there are the animals.  My friends showed up this morning to start the work on the little barn and, by this evening, I had a stall for the sheep (which are yet to arrive) and the walls of Chicken Central are now in place.  A little hole in the wall and some electricity and soon the farm will be home to a fine feathered flock.

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Life in Bloom

The farm is blooming!

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