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Ten Ten Ten

What I’ll remember about this day:

  • I harvested my first batch of wine grapes that have been growing along the pasture fence.  Unfortunately, I only managed to get the equivalent of a gallon of wine so it looks like grape jelly is next on the canning list.  No one (including the former property owner) seems to know the varietal so I’m hoping the owner of the local winery might be able to identify them.
  • 75 daffodil and narcissus bulbs went into the ground.  Gophers beware!
  • The fishpond got an Autumn cleaning only to discover that the pump was burned out (or so I thought).  Off I went to the hardware store to get a new pump… got back & learned that the tubing was too small so it was back to the hardware store for an adapter.  After much anticipation, I plugged in the new pump and waited for the sound of running water… and waited and waited.  Nothing!  What I learned next was about the most shocking discovery of the day:  the electrical cord from the old pump was connected to an extension cord via a 3-prong adapter that was buried underground.  Just laying in about two inches in dirt under a wet piece of wood!  Isn’t there a law??


Uvas Misterioso


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And Away We Go

It’s happening… it’s really happening!  Today the orchard expanded with the planting of six new fruit trees.  The summer & fall bounty will consist of almonds, peaches, nectarines, Blenheim apricots, apples, pomegranates, black cherries, Bing cherries, pears, blackberries and two kinds of grapes.  I am not certain if the new trees will produce anything this year but they will get their roots settled and be ready for the 2011 harvest.

A dozen lavender plants were ordered today from Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Washington State (www.purplehazelavender.com).  Great name, don’t you think?   And seeds for the late Spring/early Summer vegetable garden are on their way from High Mowing Seed Company (www.highmowingseeds.com).  It’s been a long time since I’ve grown vegetables from seed so this will be an adventure of its own.  All of the seeds are non-GMO, of course… so sorry Monsanto!

Tomorrow I’ll be ordering some organic structured compost from Diestel Turkey Ranch (www.diestelturkey.com/compost.html).  Everyone who uses their compost swears by it so it’s a must-try this first year.

Exciting stuff going on this week!  It’s been so inspiring to have such great weather for a few days.

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Fruits and Nuts

Last week, I walked around the farm with my handyman inspecting the barn, checking fences and laying out future projects.  Imagine this… he once owned a farm (Former Farmers of America?), understands sustainable living, and thus far has identified two almond trees, a fig tree, a plum tree, an abundant quantity of blackberry bushes and two different grapevines, all of which require some serious attention.  And none of these were in the orchard.

Five more days until I take up residence.  I see a pair of Muck Boots in my future!

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