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Life Without Connection

Actually, it’s not as ominous as the title of this entry sounds.  After going a week without an internet connection, I discovered a few things…

  • lots more time on my hands
  • a relief from the sucking vortex of sites like Facebook, YouTube and even basic email
  • a tendency to be early for my appointments
  • the pace of life just seemed to move a little slower without the sense of immediate availability

Now you may be asking yourself what this has to do with Millie’s Farm.  Well, it was an insight into a paradigm shift that will need to occur once the farm takes on life.  Much as I am weeding through the many boxes of “stuff” that I’ve collected over the years and letting go of things that really don’t contribute to the overall household, so too will non-essential online time be trimmed.

And that, my friends, is my insight during this past week of cyber disconnect!

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And so it begins…

My new life, my new home, my new adventure.  All that I have waited for, asked for, dreamed of.  A home with a view, a garden, an orchard, a barn.  My own Enchanted April.  This is how I’ve asked to spend the third third of my life… beginning today:  Moving Day.

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