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My new mantra:  Things are moving along.

I have to keep reminding myself that one doesn’t turn a vision into reality overnight.  This week was about learning the workings of my well, replacing the outdated and inefficient furnace ducts, and the ongoing process of unpacking.  Fortunately, the rainy days have helped with the discipline of getting my house in order before I begin the learning curve of barn animals.

I know that Spring is just around the corner and it will show its lovely face earlier here in the foothills than it did in Twain Harte.  The blossoms on my fruit and nut trees are giving off an exotic fragrance and flowers are beginning to bloom.  Compost piles are ready for turning and soon it will be time to start the early vegetables.

It’s happening all around me.  Some boxes may need to wait…

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Sweet Discoveries

Don’t tell anyone but I think I’ve turned a corner!  Despite the chaos of the move and all of the little hiccups in my life these past three weeks, I’ve made some small discoveries in the past few days that have contributed to the joy of being here:

  • A waterfall on the other side of the creek behind my garden
  • A pair of American Kestrels nesting in a tree nearby
  • A pair of Mourning Doves on my feeding tray each morning
  • The neighbors on the property next to mine
  • The joy of uncluttering and letting go of “stuff” that I haven’t needed for years but thought I couldn’t live without
  • The sense of a new beginning

I think I’m home now.

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As the Dust Settles

This first week has been all about settling in.  The engineered septic system is finally complete and now I have these strange pipes sticking up out of the ground in places that seem somewhat illogical.  However, I am reassured by the county that things are exactly as they should be.

The unpacking process is definitely going to take longer than I realized.  The downsize into a smaller house is leaving me with an abundance of no-longer-necessary items, most of which I have chosen to donate to the local Humane Society thrift store rather than taking on the project of organizing a yard sale.

I promised myself that I would spend the rest of this winter focused on getting the household in shape before I even begin setting up the barn and the animals soon to reside within.  However, my sense of discipline is wearing thin.  The koi in the pond, the birds outside my window and the neighbor’s rooster  just don’t seem to be satisfying my need to partake in animal husbandry (wifery?).

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Life Without Connection

Actually, it’s not as ominous as the title of this entry sounds.  After going a week without an internet connection, I discovered a few things…

  • lots more time on my hands
  • a relief from the sucking vortex of sites like Facebook, YouTube and even basic email
  • a tendency to be early for my appointments
  • the pace of life just seemed to move a little slower without the sense of immediate availability

Now you may be asking yourself what this has to do with Millie’s Farm.  Well, it was an insight into a paradigm shift that will need to occur once the farm takes on life.  Much as I am weeding through the many boxes of “stuff” that I’ve collected over the years and letting go of things that really don’t contribute to the overall household, so too will non-essential online time be trimmed.

And that, my friends, is my insight during this past week of cyber disconnect!

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And so it begins…

My new life, my new home, my new adventure.  All that I have waited for, asked for, dreamed of.  A home with a view, a garden, an orchard, a barn.  My own Enchanted April.  This is how I’ve asked to spend the third third of my life… beginning today:  Moving Day.

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