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As the Dust Settles

This first week has been all about settling in.  The engineered septic system is finally complete and now I have these strange pipes sticking up out of the ground in places that seem somewhat illogical.  However, I am reassured by the county that things are exactly as they should be.

The unpacking process is definitely going to take longer than I realized.  The downsize into a smaller house is leaving me with an abundance of no-longer-necessary items, most of which I have chosen to donate to the local Humane Society thrift store rather than taking on the project of organizing a yard sale.

I promised myself that I would spend the rest of this winter focused on getting the household in shape before I even begin setting up the barn and the animals soon to reside within.  However, my sense of discipline is wearing thin.  The koi in the pond, the birds outside my window and the neighbor’s rooster  just don’t seem to be satisfying my need to partake in animal husbandry (wifery?).

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