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El Nino Treachery

These past few days have been not-so-gentle reminders about why I want to live in the foothills rather than in the mountains.  When the original date for closing escrow was in mid-December, I rejoiced over the fact that I would most likely never have to pick up a snow shovel again.  However, now that it’s almost the end of January and I’m still not living at the farm, I find it ironic that this final winter here in Twain Harte is almost avenging my decision to leave!

Snow, snow, power outages, and more snow… could this be my swan song, my last dance, my last chance…?  There was a time when picking up the snow shovel seemed like a novel thing to do.. a melancholy throwback to the stories of my father’s youth in Iowa.  But I was born and raised in San Francisco.  The only shovels we knew were those that my mother used to transplant her abundant flower garden; certainly a far (and much more productive) cry from the flaky white stuff that never ceases to end.

I’m thinking of having a yard sale once I finally move onto the “farm” and you can guess which item will be set out closest to the gate. A drop dead, knock out, ergonomically designed snow shovel!

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