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It has been a few years since I’ve last posted to this site and, with a somewhat heavy heart, I’m writing tonight to say that I have sold Millie’s Farm.

When I first saw this place, I was longing for land, animals, and sustainable living. And for years, that’s exactly what I did. We’ve housed goats, llamas, chickens, ducks, sheep, more goats, and more chickens. And it was a life of joy sharing the land with these critters.

But times have changed and age has a way of slowing us down. If I was ten years younger, I would have the energy to keep up with all that this place requires but I am not.

My wish is that the buyers will have as much joy here and be good stewards of the land as well as the house. Times change… and so do we.

Thank you to all of the followers over the years. A new life is waiting!

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  1. fear of dryness.

Yes… that’s what is happening here at Millie’s Farm during this California drought. But plans are being made to keep the flora & fauna alive if the situation worsens.

Tomorrow, with the help of my friend Al, the rainwater collection system goes into place (let’s hope we get some in March) and I’m rebelling against the drought and assembling Ollas to ensure that we’ll have Summer veggies.

Photos coming soon!


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